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Billboard said, "It's an almost unheard-of feat in the country community for an Independent label act, much less a brand new artist, to go toe-to-toe with the majors and score a top 10 hit." Yet in 2001, Mark McGuinn did with his smash "Mrs. Steven Rudy;" the first time in over 40 years a new artist, on a independent label, had done. Three successful releases, the label ceased, removing Mark out of the public. "This was a blessing," states Mark, "It allowed my focus on family and songwriting." The initial result: his self-penned top 10 song, for Lonestar, "Unusually Unusual" and more songs for his last project, "One Man's Crazy" released in 2006. USA Today wrote, "It is hard not to root for an underdog who is this winningly optimistic.”